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Hello lovely lady! Hope you are having a great day? Well you should because there is no reason why a beautiful lady like you should not have a beautiful and fantastic day.
My name is Louisa and I have very fantastic news to tell you! I have my own skincare services line! Yaaaayyyy!! It’s called Louchess Beauty & Essentials.

Take a look at your skin right now…I mean a very good look. Do you really really like what you see? If yes, do you know we can make it look even better? Yes. We…you and I? If no, then you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Forget imaginations now and let me help you make all that fantasy about a beautiful, healthy glowing skin, come into reality.

You see most of us work so hard that we forget to take proper care of our skin. We are so busy helping others that we mostly forget our own selves. Well…am here to be your reminder as well as make sure you relax. That is why I also have a day spa where you can get your body treatments like facials, body scrub and polish, waxing; properly rejuvenate after all the hard work. I can also be your beauty consultant and teach you all you need to know about not only skincare products but also makeup and even down to the right perfumes you need to wear. That’s right!

So why not give me a call on 08175258434. I’m also available on WhatsApp @ 07031244832. BBM pin 58D290DB. Email Facebook page Instagram @louchess. Website: You can shop for all our skincare and makeup products; do your bookings for any of our services also on the website.

Till then, here’s to a more luscious YOU!