When it comes to exfoliating, the rule that applies to the body also applies to the face. Most times, the scrubs you use on your body should not be used for the face. Reason is because the face is more delicate and softer than the body; most body scrubs are more ‘harder’ so you cannot use them for the face as it is softer and tenderer. Unlike a regular soap or cleanser, a Facial Scrub makes use of small particles, beads or chemicals to get rid of the old skin cells and bring out a new one, this process is called Exfoliation. There are different types of Facial Scrubs depending on the treatment and what you hope to achieve for your face.

Types of Scrubs and Exfoliation

Mechanical exfoliation – This involves using an abrasive to remove the dead skin cells. This method is achieved with such ingredients as crushed nuts, kernels or shells. You actually massage your skin with an abrasive to remove the dead cells. You can also massage your skin with exfoliants such as a loofah or rough sponge.

Chemical exfoliation – This is achieved with ingredients that include your alpha hydroxyl acids, salicylic acid and your fruit acids. Depending on the concentration these ingredients are designed to dissolve the cells allowing for the exfoliation of unwanted dead skin cells. They sort of ‘eat up’ the dead skin cells.

So let’s take a look at why you need to scrub your face. Please keep in mind that just like the body, whatever face scrub you use has to be for your skin type and has to be tailored towards achieving your goal e.g acne treatment. Also some scrubs are ideal for daily use (because they are mild) while others are to be used like 3 times in a week. Again, it depends on your skin type. Please never you over-exfoliate your skin.

So what are some of the benefits of facial scrubs?

  1. When you exfoliate regularly you help remove ingrained dirt, old dead skin, and improve the overall look of your face.
  2. To reveal a more soft, and smooth looking skin. One that looks revived!
  3. Improves the texture of your skin
  4. Slows down the rate at which your skin ages.



Kindly Note!

To properly exfoliate make sure you always wash your face first, then apply the scrub in a circular motion. Focus on areas around the nose, forehead and your jaw area (the T zone).  Follow up with a nice moisturizer to hydrate your skin.

Here are some excellent face scrubs for you.







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